Revitalize your Brain

  • • Eliminate the "Brain Fog" associated with the use of cannabis
  • • Potentiate the effect of cannabis
  • • Reduce tolerance to cannabis

Indulge Responsibly

Brain Revitalize® was created for the cannabis user who still needs to function at a high cognitive level.
Brain Revitalize is for students, programmers, scientists, artists, anyone who cannot afford to lose even the slightest mental edge in their profession.

What's inside?


Reduces the user's tolerance while simultaneously increasing the effects of cannabis.


Clears away the brain fog associated with the use of cannabis.

Green Tea extract

Helps to activate the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, along with providing a smooth relaxing effect.


Increases the effects of cannabis in the user, along with preventing any excess sleepiness or laziness.

What They're Saying

As an editor for my blog its very important that I have the ability to keep the creativity high while still remaining productive and brain revitalize does just that.

Brain Revitalize is great! My morning lectures have never been so clear and easy to understand... I recommend this to everyone I know who smokes.

I was skeptical but this stuff really works. After the first couple of days it felt like my ability to think had been lifted out of a deep fog, no doubt from vaping for years

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Holiday Special

In celebration of the holidays and California's upcoming 2018 legalization of Cannabis, we are offering Brain Revitalize® for $24.99!

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Brain Revitalize

Eliminate the "Brain Fog" associated with the use of cannabis. Potentiate the effects of cannabis. Reduce your tolerance to cannabis.

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